About us

During the last 10 years, Complex Network Theory has proved to be a valid approach to the analysis of the most diverse phenomena: scientific, social and technological. Almost every problem can be represented as a network: using these new powerful research tools it is possible to get pieces of information not obtainable with the traditional statistical methods.

The most popular application of Complex Network Theory is Google PageRankalgorithm, but there's a huge variety of other possible applications: from the study of epidemic spreading in health or informatics, to the study of road or electricity networks, from genomics to the most recent research on social networks and Web 2.0.

Linkalab operates right in the middle of this revolution. With international quality standards, we have developed theoretical and calculation tools in order to work as a research service for P.A.s and companies showing Complex Systems Analysis problems.

Moreover, Linkalab develops web-groupware systems and last generation e-learning systems for knowledge management activities on web 2.0 platforms. It also promotes scientific events and training activities on these subjects.