Twitter Political Data 2013

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The Data used in the publication A Multi-Level Geographical Study of Italian Political Elections from Twitter Data

are obtained from Twitter collecting several weeks of data of the Italian elections. Here we present an anonymized version of the dataset divided by weeks . The fields in the CSV files are the following


language language of the tweet
to_user_comune city of the user that is mentioned
to_user_provincia province of the user that is mentioned
to_user_regione region of the user that is mentioned
text hashed tweet text
hashtags Twitter hashtags
is_a_retweet boolean if the tweet is a retweet
leader leaders cited in the tweet
from_user_comune city of the user that wrote the tweet
from_user_regione region of the user that wrote the tweet
from_user_provincia province of the user that wrote the tweet
ts timestamp (unixtime)
to_user_id_str id of the user mentioned (anonymized)
from_user_id_str id of the user that wrote the post (anonymized)
year year of the tweet
month month of the tweet
day day of the tweet
week week of the tweet


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Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_11_week_45.csv.gz3.85 KB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_11_week_46.csv.gz1.3 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_11_week_47.csv.gz726.06 KB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_11_week_48.csv.gz1017.29 KB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_12_week_48.csv.gz5.97 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_12_week_49.csv.gz8.39 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_12_week_50.csv.gz11.71 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_12_week_51.csv.gz12.29 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_12_week_52.csv.gz10.74 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2012_12_week_52_1.csv.gz14.29 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_1_week_1.csv.gz3.08 KB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_1_week_2.csv.gz20.76 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_1_week_3.csv.gz16.97 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_1_week_4.csv.gz17.85 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_1_week_5.csv.gz22.72 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_2_week_6.csv.gz25.39 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_2_week_7.csv.gz23.43 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_2_week_8.csv.gz30.24 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_2_week_9.csv.gz34.54 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_3_week_9.csv.gz3.66 KB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_3_week_10.csv.gz16.28 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_3_week_11.csv.gz16.11 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_3_week_12.csv.gz16.2 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_3_week_13.csv.gz13.56 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_4_week_14.csv.gz12.77 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_4_week_15.csv.gz12.73 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_4_week_16.csv.gz36.09 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_4_week_17.csv.gz11.46 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_5_week_19.csv.gz7.93 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_5_week_20.csv.gz8.19 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_5_week_21.csv.gz6.85 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_5_week_22.csv.gz7.56 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_6_week_22.csv.gz668 bytes
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_6_week_23.csv.gz5.28 MB
Binary Data datapolitiche_enc_2013_6_week_24.csv.gz2.18 MB