Alessandro Chessa, Head
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Luiss, adjunct professor
Luca Secchi, Chief Scientist
CTO - Chief Technology Officer
Michelangelo Puliga, Chief Scientist
CDS - Chief Data Scientist
IMT, Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca


Alberto Garau - Aws (Amazon Web Services) Developer
Alessandro Tornusciolo - Data Engineer Junior
Alessio Ecca - Data Scientist Junior
Andrea Cadeddu - Data Scientist Junior
Andrea Pinto - Data Analyst
Angelica Tettamanti - Data Scientist Junior
Antonio Agabio - Head of Sales
Carlotta Scarpa - COO&Data Analyst
Damiano Casula - Data Engineer Junior
Marco Schirra - Senior Software Engineer & Backend Developer
Martina Erba - Data Analyst
Mauro Mascia - Full-Stack Web Developer
Riccardo Mantelli - Creative Technologist
Silvia Camplani - Data Scientist Junior
Vincenzo De Leo - Data Scientist & IT Developer


Former Collaborators

Alfonso Damiano (Electrical and electronic engineering, University of Cagliari)
Guido Caldarelli (IMT, Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca)
Federica Cerina (Physics department, University of Cagliari)
Alessandro Muggianu (Linkalab)
Andrea De Montis (Territorial engineering department, University of Sassari)
Enrico Fois (Physics department, University of Cagliari)
Gian Mario Mereu (Linkalab)
Giancarlo Cappellini (Physics department, University of Cagliari)
Giancarlo Floris (DIEE, University of Cagliari)
Guido Mula (Physics department, University of Cagliari)
Luigi Minerba (Hygiene department,University of Cagliari)
Michele Campagna (Territorial engineering department, University of Cagliari)
Simone Caschili (Territorial engineering department, University of Cagliari)
Susanna Setzu (Physics department, University of Cagliari)

International collaborations are open, besides, with relevant research centers such as the one of Indiana University (USA) directed by prof. Alessandro Vespignani, and the research group of Marc Barthelemy at CEA, Paris. Another collaboration is starting with the Institute for complex systems of the National Research Council of Rome.