The study of Complex Networks is one of the most recent developements of Complexity science, a discipline of growing relevance for a number of fields of knowledge. The concept of "network", indeed, deals with economical and social phenomena as far as with scientific and technological ones: network structures offer a base for a wide range of dynamic behaviours.

The complexity qualities showed by many network structures can sensibly interact with the developement of different processes: i.e., epidemic spreading or Internet and communication processes.

Network Theory has recently evolved towards new perspectives in scientific research and business opportunities: for example, in the field of Social networks and with ad-hoc wireless networks.

Linkalab mainly deals with the application aspects of Complex Network Theory, with a special attention on the computational side, the optimization of calculation systems and the creation of standard libraries. At the moment, Linkalab staff is working on different research fields, whose variety shows the versatility of the Centre.